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FAQ 12/24/2012 May tenants bring guests or visitors to stay overnight? CHARM RESIDENCE
FAQ 12/24/2012 Do you charge any fee for foreign currency exchange? CHARM RESIDENCE
FAQ 12/24/2012 What is the shuttle schedule to district 1? CHARM RESIDENCE
FAQ 12/24/2012 Where are the public toilets? CHARM RESIDENCE
FAQ 12/24/2012 Are the facilities at Charm Residence open to the public? CHARM RESIDENCE
FAQ 12/21/2012 Does Charm Residence accept bookings of 1 night? CHARM RESIDENCE
Q 03/13/2019 숙소문의 입니다 정성호
Q 03/05/2019 예약문의 박웅래
Q 01/20/2018 공항픽업문의입니다~ HYOSEON LEE
Q 06/13/2017 예약확인 BAE YEUN SUN
Q 04/20/2016 공항픽업문의 kim eun jeong
Q 12/07/2015 문의드립니다. kyo
Q 06/21/2015 What is maximum beds/persons can stay in a suite? Vicki
Q 05/30/2015 sap wei ming
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